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About us


Incomed was founded in 2009 with the aim of providing safe and quality medicines to patients and medical staff. Already present in Kosovo and Northern Macedonia,  Incomed offers a quality and efficient service.


All our work at Incomed is based on 3 main pillars:

Integrity : Incomed operates in accordance with applicable law. We are honest in our relationships with the customers, employees, partners, suppliers, competitors and communities we work for.

Excellence : We pursue pharmaceutical innovation, offer high quality products and strive to deliver superior business results.


Respect for people: We maintain an environment built on mutual respect, sincerity and individual integrity. We are committed to ensuring the well-being of all the people we help, work with and collaborate with.


We aspire to be the leading regional leader in innovation, contributing to a healthier life for our community in Albania and the region, through better quality in the pharmaceutical sector and the commitment of an experienced staff. 


Safe partner in your health!

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